Contributor Terms of Use

Last Updated: 16th October 2013


This page outlines the terms of use for a contributor on SnapMarket. By signing up as a contributor on SnapMarket you have also agreed to our general Terms of Use


1. Your Obligations as a Contributor

As a contributor you have agreed to the following contributor terms of use as well as our general website terms of use.

As a contributor when uploading your photos, images or illustrations you must:

  • - Only upload the highest quality content
  • - Explain your image from a third person. (Not 'Me at the Beach', it should be 'Lady at the beach', etc.)
  • - Give all of your media proper and correct titles
  • - Give all of your media proper and correct descriptions
  • - Give all of your media proper and correct keywords (We do not tolerate fake keyword stuffing)
  • - Select the correct gallery for your content
  • - Attach model or property releases where a person or distinguishable property can be seen in your content

    Failure to comply with the above guidelines will result in your content being rejected. If your content is rejected, the reason will be stated in the 'My Media' section of your account. Any failed content will be marked with 'Failed Approval' on a red background, click this text to view the reason. Once your content is fixed to meet the above guidelines we will automatically be notified and will re-assess your content. Constant violations of your obligations as a contributor will result in your media being deleted and your account removed or suspended.


    2. Original Content

    As a contributor you have agreed to only upload original images that are yours and you have full legal rights to. In no way will SnapMarket be responsible for works on this website which are not original. Contributors carry all liabilities for their images.


    3. Licensing Terms

    When signing up as a contributor on SnapMarket, you have agreed that any images you upload will carry our royalty free or editorial use only license. Your image may be used for domestic or commercial use but CANNOT be resold, distributed or used in pornographic, offensive or defamatory content. Your images CAN be used for resale only in items such as: website templates, greeting card, calendars, etc. Images MUST NOT be resold on their own as a standalone image or in a package of other stock photos/images. Ownership of any image/content on SnapMarket will ALWAYS remain with the contributor.


    4. Model & Property Releases

    Any images that are uploaded by our contributors that contain a person or identifiable property in the subject MUST attach a 'model release' or 'property release' document when uploading. Failure to do this could result in your image being rejected. We are not responsible for any images that have been uploaded with false documents pertaining to that of model or property releases. Although we do our best to reject any images of people or property that do not have the required documentation, we can not guarantee there will be none. SnapMarket will not be held responsible for any images downloaded without model or property releases where needed.


    5. Nudity & Proof of Age

    Any images that are uploaded that contain nudity must be uploaded with a model release AND photo identification of the model for proof of age.


    6. Idemnification

    SnapMarket will not be held responsible for buyers of content who do not follow our licensing restrictions. Unfortunately this is out of our control. We will not be held responsible for any causes of monetary loss, injury or death from using our services. (Please see general terms of use for more information on this).


    7. Watermarks & Copyright Information

    Contributors MUST NOT upload images with pre-existing watermarks or copyright information on the image itself. SnapMarket will automatically apply our watermarks on all images. If your image has any watermarks or other information on the image, it will be rejected.


    8. Editorial Use License

    Any images that are uploaded that contain celebrities, products, brands or trademarks will carry an editorial use only license. An editorial use only license allows a buyer to use an image only for personal or editorial use. SnapMarket will automatically set the license type for the images you upload when your image(s) are being analysed.


    9. Changes to Terms of Use

    As per the general terms of use, we reserve the right to change these at any time without prior notification. It is your responsibility to review our terms of use from time to time.


    10. Commission Rates & Payouts

    Contributors will be paid commissions for their images based on our commission tables (see here for Commission Rates). SnapMarket reserves the right at all times to refuse a user their commission if they are found to be involved in fraudulent activities relating to their commission. If a merchant chargeback is made (via PayPal or any of our other accepted payment types) you may not be paid commission for your sale. This is a measure that we must take to avoid payment scams. Commissions will be paid at our discretion usually weekly or monthly to your nominated PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account setup in your account, we can not pay your commission until you have done so. We reserve the right to change our commission rates at any time without prior notice.


    SnapMarket will absorb all PayPal fees within our control when paying commissions.


    Any contributors that are owed in commission but do not have a PayPal email address setup in their SnapMarket account for 90+ days after their first sale will have their funds forfeited.


    11. Accounts

    SnapMarket reserves the right to remove or restrict access to part or whole of our website at any time. A contributor may remove any content they have uploaded at any time by logging into their account and deleting their media.


    If you are a contributor and would like to close your account, you must do so by contacting us via email with your request. SnapMarket will remove your account no later than 90 days from the original request.


    You may not open or operate more than one account on SnapMarket. A contributor account will also allow you to buy images so there is no need for 2 accounts. If you are a general member and would like to become a contributor, you can change your account type by logging in and doing so there.


    We reserve the right to delete or modify any of our members accounts at any time without notice.


    Any accounts with non-verified email addresses will be deleted after 7 days, please make sure you validate your email address as soon as you sign up to avoid any problems. You can validate your email address by clicking the link in the email you would have been sent when signing up.


    12. Content

    SnapMarket reserves the right at all times to reject, remove or edit any content that has been uploaded by contributors.

    If you decide to remove your SnapMarket account, any content that was purchased prior to the account close can still be used by a buyer as per our royalty free licensing terms.


    13. Social Media & Advertising

    SnapMarket may use your media to promote our site or your images from time to time. We reserve the right to use any contributor media on the website for promotional purposes including: social media, print marketing, online media, offline media, etc. Your media will only ever be used for the promotion of SnapMarket products and services. By uploading your images to SnapMarket, you have expressively given us permission to use your media for these purposes only.

    If you decide to remove your media and close your account, we will discontinue use of your image once the promotional campaign in which it is being used is finished.


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