Purchase Agreement

Last Updated: 16th October 2013


This page outlines the terms of use for a buyer on SnapMarket. By signing up as a member of SnapMarket you have also agreed to our general Terms of Use


1. Copyright

All content on the SnapMarket website is protected by international copyright laws and treaties. ALL images remain copyright to the original owner/contributor. By buying an image you are not buying full rights to the content.


2. Royalty Free Use License

Most images that are purchased from SnapMarket carry our royalty free license. This means you only pay for the image once and can use it as many times as you want thereafter. Our royalty free images can be used for both domestic and commercial use in online, offline or printed media. Our royalty free license allows you to use a purchased image in works that are to be sold such as: website templates, greeting cards, calendars, etc. but must NOT be resold on their own as a stock photo and must not be distributed to other people/users for different uses.


All rights and ownership of content will ALWAYS remain with the contributor/owner.


Unless otherwise stated, all images purchased under our Royalty Free license will be a life time license. Please read below for the terms of use regarding our royalty free licensed content.



- You CAN use royalty free licensed images purchased from SnapMarket in works to be sold such as: website templates, greeting cards, calendars, etc. Images must NOT be resold or distributed on their own.

- You CAN use royalty free licensed images purchased from SnapMarket on websites, print media, online/offline use, personal/commercial use, etc.

- You CAN edit & manipulate any images purchased from SnapMarket.



- You CAN'T use an image together with pornographic, defamatory, or otherwise unlawful or immoral content or in such a manner that it infringes upon any third party's trademark or intellectual property.

- You CAN'T use an image in a way that places any person, product or object depicted in the image in a negative light or in a way that they or anyone else may find offensive.

- You CAN'T share an image by providing access to it on networks, shared disk drives or intranets of any nature or otherwise.

- You CAN'T use any of the images to directly compete with SnapMarket (You must not resell or distribute any images).

- You CAN'T claim any images purchased on SnapMarket as your own, this includes trying to gain copyright or trademark recognition.

- You CAN'T use or display an image in a manner that portrays the impression that the image was created or photographed by you or a person other than the copyright holder of that image.

- ANY images that carry an 'Editorial Use' only license CAN'T be used for commercial purposes. These images can only be used for personal or editorial use. Editorial Use only licensed images are images that contain celebrities, products, brands and/or trademarks. The license type of an image is displayed on the image details page.

- You CAN'T resell and images in stock image packs, or in any other way. They can only be used in works that are to be sold such as: website templates, greeting cards, etc.

- You CAN'T use any of the images from SnapMarket in any part of a business or companies logo.



3. Editorial Use Only License

Some of the images on SnapMarket will be marked as 'Editorial Use Only'. These images must only be purchased and used for editorial or personal, non-commercial use. Images which contain distinguishable brands, logos, trademarks and known people (celebrities) will be classed as editorial use only images. SnapMarket will be in no way responsible for the misuse of images purchased from it's site.


4. Purchasing of Content

Images must be purchased in a legitimate matter. SnapMarket allows photos to be purchased in 3 ways:


- Paid for with Real Money: Credit Card / PayPal Balance (via PayPal's secure checkout) or by any other of our available payment gateways.

- Paid for with SnapMarket Credits.

- Paid for with a SnapMarket Subscription Plan.


5. Refunding of Monies, Credits

Refund of monies, credits or subscriptions will not be provided by SnapMarket under usual circumstances. If you have any issues and want to discuss a refund, please contact us.


6. Download Attempts & Expiration

Once you have purchased an image, you may only download it 3 times. Your image download link will expire 1 week after purchased. It is recommended that you download your images immediately after payment has been made.


7. Agree & Idemnify

You agree to indemnify and hold SnapMarket, its officers, employees, shareholders, directors, managers, members and suppliers, harmless against any damages or liability of any kind arising from any use of any images other than the uses expressly permitted by this agreement. You further agree to indemnify SnapMarket for all costs and expenses that are incurred in the event that you breach any of the terms of this or any other agreement.


8. Image Uploads by Contributors

Contributors to SnapMarket have agreed to only upload original works. In no way will SnapMarket be responsible for works on this website which are not original. Contributors carry all liabilities for their images. When a contributor signs up to SnapMarket, they have agreed that any images purchased/downloaded will carry a royalty free or editorial use only license. Contributors agree that an image may be used in any way possible but CANNOT be resold or distributed. All images on SnapMarket are either owned by us or our contributors (photographers).


9. Model & Property Releases

Any images that are uploaded by our contributors that contain a person or identifiable property in the subject MUST attach a 'model release' or 'property release' document when uploading. Failure to do this could result in the image being rejected. We are not responsible for any images that have been uploaded with false documents pertaining to that of model or property releases. Although we do our best to reject any images of people or property that do not have the required documentation, we can not guarantee there will be none. SnapMarket will not be held responsible for any images downloaded without model or property releases where needed. We do not provide model or property releases to a buyer once they purchase an image, they are simply kept on file with us if the need arises. If you need a copy of the model or property release for an image you purchased, you may request it from us. We will send it to you with all personal informations removed/hidden.


10. Nudity & Adult Related Content

Any images that contain nudity must be uploaded with a model release and a scanned copy of the models photo identification for proof of age purposes. We will not be held responsible for false documents pertaining to that of model releases and proof of age.


11. Quality of Content

Contributors should only ever upload the highest quality images. Buyers, although unpurchased/preview images are scaled down in quality and size if an image looks to be of bad quality please do not proceed to purchase it. All images that are submitted by contributors/photographers must be approved by SnapMarket before they are publicly shown on the website. We reserve the right to reject images for any reason whatsoever.


By visiting our website and/or purchasing/downloading images you have agreed with our license and purchase agreements, terms of use and privacy policies.

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