Legal Model & Property Releases

As a legality, any images that are taken of either a person or distinguishable property must have a model or property release. A release is basically a legal document that is signed by the photographer and their subject or subjects owner in the case of property. The document will outline the use of the image, the location the shoot took place and any other important factors. At SnapMarket we require a model release for all photos taken of people and we also require a property release for any photos taken of distinguishable property (homes, buildings, etc). Please see some sample images below where a model or property release is required. Our terms of use and purchase agreements expressively forbid the use of a models image for adult, defamatory or illegal uses. The same terms apply to property images.


In the case of uploading images to SnapMarket, the model or property release must stipulate that the model or property owner has given permission for the photos to be sold.


Any images that are uploaded by our contributors that contain an identifiable person or identifiable property in the subject MUST attach a 'model release' or 'property release' contract document when uploading. Failure to do this could result in the image being rejected. We are not responsible for any images that have been uploaded with false documents pertaining to that of model or property releases. Although we do our best to reject any images of people or property that do not have the required documentation, we can not guarantee there will be none. SnapMarket will not be held responsible for any images downloaded without model or property releases where needed. You can see if a certain image has a model or property release when on the image details page.


For privacy reasons the model or property release will NOT be transferred to the buyers of any images, it is simply kept on record with SnapMarket should future issues with the image arise. If the need arises and you need a copy of the model or property release you can request one from us. For privacy, we will only send you the release with all personal details removed.



For your convenience we have some model and property release templates that can be filled out and used below, once filled out these can be submitted back to us.


There is also an iPhone and Android app where model and property releases can be made very easily and signed on the spot through the app. We do not get paid to promote this app, we only recommend it to make life easier. Just search "Easy Release" in the app store or Android store on your device to find it. It will ask for all of the details needed and then generate a PDF or JPG file that you can email to yourself and then upload on SnapMarket with your image.


To submit a model or property release contract, when uploading your photo you will see the option for uploading a model or property release, please do so there. It would be a great idea to print out multiple copies of our releases and keep them on hand so that you are always ready. You can simply scan it or take a clear photo of the release to be submitted to us. These releases can also be filled out digitally as long as the signature is real. You do NOT need to use our template as a model/property release, if you have your own that is fine as long as it has covered the following information:


- Name of Photographer

- Address of Photographer

- Company Name of Photographer (if applicable)

- Phone Number of Photographer

- Name of Model or Parent/Guardian if under 18 years of age

- Address of Model or Parent/Guardian if under 18 years of age

- Phone Number of Model

- Date of Birth of Model

This document must stipulate the use of the images (being sold, etc) it must be signed by the photographer, the model or parent/guardian if under 18 and a witness.


Sample Release Documents

- Model Release Contract* [PDF]

- Property Release Contract* [PDF]




*Download Easy Release for Apple iOS

Easy Release App for Apple iOS


*Download Easy Release for Android

Easy Release App for Android


*We have simply provided these documents as samples only to the best of our legal knowledge, we are not lawyers so we advise that you seek the advice of a lawyer about model and property releases. We will not be held responsible if our sample documents are incorrect or provide wrong information. We are also not responsible for incorrectly filled out documents or misuse of these documents. We are not paid to endorse the 'Easy Release' app, we only recommend it because it is an efficient way to get your model/property releases filled out, legally and on site. We are not responsible for any incorrect information or advice provided by the 'Easy Release' app.



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